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500 Rupees Note: Big Update from RBI! Two Types of Rs 500 Notes in Circulation, Check Now


500 Rupees Note: After the Indian Government’s decision to ban certain currency notes, there have been various reports about the Indian money. If you happen to own a 500 Rupee Note, this news is particularly significant for you. The Reserve Bank has provided some information about the 500 Rupee note.

Two types of 500 Rupee notes in circulation

There are currently two types of 500 Rupee notes in circulation, and there is a minor difference between the two. One of these notes has been labeled as fake, which caused a video to go viral on social media. The video claimed that one of the note types was counterfeit. However, after conducting a fact check, it has been confirmed that both types of notes are genuine.

What was mentioned in the video?

The video warned against accepting any 500 Rupee note that has a green strip passing through the signature of the RBI governor or is very close to Gandhi’s picture. According to the video, one type of note was deemed fake. However, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) conducted a fact check and confirmed that the video was completely false.

Are both note types valid?

After verifying the original video, it has been established that the video was entirely fabricated. Both types of notes currently in circulation are valid and authentic. If you possess a 500 Rupee note, there is no need to worry. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has confirmed that both types of notes hold their value.

Discover the truth behind viral messages

If you receive any such messages, there is no need to panic. Avoid sharing such fake messages with others. You can fact-check any news or information by visiting the official link https://factcheck.pib.gov.in/. Additionally, you can send videos to the WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email them to [email protected] for verification.

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