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75 Rupees Coin: A 75 Rupees coin will be launched on this day, Finance Ministry Announces

New Parliament Building Inauguration: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to inaugurate the brand-new Parliament building on the 28th of May.

To honor this special occasion, a unique commemorative coin worth Rs 75 will be created. The Ministry of Finance has officially announced this news through a notification. The coin itself will feature an image of the Parliament complex, showcasing the grandeur of the new Parliament building. The Ministry of Finance further revealed that the coin will be circular in shape, with a diameter of 44 mm.

Composition of the Coin

The upcoming coin will be crafted using a combination of four metals. It will consist of 50 percent silver, 40 percent copper, 5 percent nickel, and 5 percent zinc. The year ‘2023’ will be engraved beneath the image of the Parliament complex. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the new Parliament House. Around 25 political parties are expected to partake in the opening ceremony, while 20 opposition parties have decided to boycott the event.

Participation of Political Parties

In addition to the 18 members of the ruling NDA, seven non-NDA parties, including the BJP, will be present at the ceremony. Parties such as BSP, Shiromani Akali Dal, Janata Dal (Secular), Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas), YSR Congress, BJD, and TDP are anticipated to attend the function.

Criticism by Opposition Parties

Opposition parties have criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the inauguration of the new Parliament House, alleging that the arrogance of his government has undermined the parliamentary system. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge took to Twitter, stating that Modi ji, the Parliament is a democratic temple established by the people. The President’s office is an integral part of the Parliament. The parliamentary system has been eroded by the arrogance of your government.

Description of the Rs 75 Coin

The Rs 75 coin, to be released on the occasion of the Parliament House inauguration, will weigh 35 grams. It will consist of 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% zinc, and 5% nickel. The design of the coin will feature the Ashoka Pillar on one side, with the denomination of Rs 75 inscribed at the bottom.


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