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Balasore Train Accident: Latest News! Passengers without tickets will also receive Rs 10 lakh, important decision by the railway

Balasore Train Accident: The recent train accident that occurred on Sunday has deeply impacted the entire nation. This tragic incident in Odisha has resulted in a significant loss of lives, leaving many families devastated.

In addition to the loss of lives, over 800 individuals have sustained injuries in this unfortunate accident. In response to this incident, the Indian Railways has made a crucial decision. As per the information provided by the Railways, a compensation amount of Rs 10 lakh will be provided to the families of all the deceased passengers. Furthermore, the Railways has decided to extend this compensation even to passengers who were traveling without a ticket.

Railway Officials Provide Information

In a recent update, railway officials have informed that the decision to provide compensation to passengers without tickets has been made by the Railways, following an order from the Supreme Court. Regardless of whether the passengers had valid train tickets or not, the Railways has decided to extend compensation.

Compensation Granted without Ticket Verification

The railway spokesperson stated that the Railways will grant compensation irrespective of ticket possession. Every injured passenger admitted to hospitals is accompanied by a scout or guide, who assists in locating their next of kin.

Compensation Amount for Each Passenger

The Railway Minister has announced the compensation amounts for different categories of passengers. A sum of Rs 10 lakh will be granted to the families of the deceased passengers. Additionally, passengers with severe injuries will receive Rs 2 lakh, while those with minor injuries will be eligible for Rs 50,000.

Contact the Helpline Number 139

Senior railway officials have urged individuals to reach out to the helpline number 139. Here, railway officials are available to address inquiries and provide assistance. Furthermore, family members of the passengers who lost their lives in the accident can contact the helpline, and necessary arrangements will be made to facilitate their meetings.

Tragic Loss in Balasore Train Accident

The train accident in Balasore has deeply impacted everyone. The devastating incident has claimed the lives of over 280 people, leaving more than 800 injured. The Railway Ministry has initiated a thorough investigation to determine the cause of this tragic accident.


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