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Ban on 14 FDC Medicines: Government’s Decision to Prohibit Sale of Certain FDC Medicines

The central government regularly evaluates the medicines available in the market. As part of this process, the government has recently banned the sale of 14 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) medicines in the country.

These banned medicines include various formulations that people often purchase over-the-counter for immediate relief. The Union Health Ministry has officially announced this decision through a notification.

The ban on these medicines has been imposed based on the recommendations of an expert committee. It was found that these 14 medicines pose potential risks to public health. The committee concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support their efficacy or justify their usage.

Understanding FDC Medicines

FDC, or Fixed Dose Combination, medicines are a blend of two or more drugs combined into a single formulation. These medicines are sometimes referred to as “cocktail” drugs. There has been ongoing debate about the use and safety of FDCs, with several countries, including the United States, imposing restrictions on their availability. In contrast, FDCs are commonly sold in India but are less prevalent in developed countries. Concerns have been raised regarding the composition and effects of these medicines.

How are FDC medicines formulated?

Each medicine clearly indicates its formulation or generic name on its packaging. This information specifies the salts or substances present in the medicine. For example, Saridon is an FDC medicine containing a combination of paracetamol, propifenazone, and caffeine. Other examples include combinations like Cefixime and Azithromycin, Efloxin, Onidazole and Oridazole Suspension, Metronidazole, and a combination of Norfloxacin. Therefore, when purchasing medicines, it is essential to check the combination of ingredients mentioned on the packaging.


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