Ban on Seat Belt Clip: Fake seat belt clips and alarm stoppers are not allowed on e-commerce website

Ban on Seat Belt Clip: Not wearing a seat belt while traveling in a car in India leads to many deaths in road accidents.

A government report stated that in 2021 alone, over 16,000 people lost their lives due to this. Unfortunately, many drivers and passengers still choose not to use seat belts, despite these alarming numbers. To address this issue, some companies have installed seat belt alarms in their vehicles.

Instead of using seat belts, some people use seat belt clips and alarm stoppers to silence the seat belt alarm. These items are being sold in large quantities by various online e-commerce companies.

However, a recent order from the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has instructed five major e-commerce platforms in India to stop selling these seat belt alarm stopper clips. This action was taken to protect the lives and safety of customers who purchase them.

Selling counterfeit seat belt clips also goes against the Consumer Protection Act of 2019. This order was issued due to the high sales of these devices on e-commerce websites.

Consequently, the five e-commerce platforms have complied with the CCPA’s order and removed 13,118 fake seat belt clips and alarm stoppers from their listings. Using these devices not only puts lives at risk but can also harm customers who may need to make insurance claims.

If insurance companies discover a fake seat belt clip as evidence, they can reject the claim, citing the negligence of the claimant. It is important for people to prioritize their safety by using genuine seat belts and avoiding counterfeit products that jeopardize their lives and insurance claims.

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