Fastag System Update: No More Fastag Required at Toll Plazas, Check Details

Fastag System Change: Despite the introduction of FASTag at toll plazas, people continue to face congestion issues. In order to address this problem, the government is considering a significant decision related to FASTag.

To tackle this challenge, the central government is planning to introduce an innovative toll collection system that eliminates the need for physical toll plazas. The proposed system, known as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) cameras, will be GPS-based and facilitate seamless toll collection.

How Will GPS-Based Toll System Work?

The new GPS-based toll system, known as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader), will bring about significant changes in the way tolls are collected. This system operates through cameras installed at the entry and exit points of the toll plaza. When a vehicle passes through, the camera captures an image of the license plate, and the toll tax is deducted directly from the vehicle owner’s bank account. This innovative ANPR system has the potential to replace FASTag and provide a more efficient toll collection solution.

A report by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta highlights the colossal amount of fuel wastage, estimated at around Rs. 1 lakh crore, caused by vehicles queuing up at toll plazas. Additionally, traffic congestion at toll plazas incurs an annual loss of approximately Rs. 45,000 crore. Overall, the country suffers a staggering loss of Rs. 1.45 lakh crore due to toll plazas. To address these concerns, the introduction of the GPS-based toll system aims to not only save individual pockets but also alleviate the economic burden on the nation.

Vehicle number plates may also incorporate a GPS system

The government is considering a significant change in vehicle number plates. The new number plates will incorporate a GPS system alongside the vehicle number. The Union Transport Ministry has recently mandated the installation of GPS number plates in new vehicles. This will not only apply to new vehicles but also require existing vehicles to replace their current number plates.

The new GPS-equipped number plates will integrate with the toll plaza’s software, allowing toll tax deductions to occur automatically as vehicles pass through. The Union Transport Ministry’s directive ensures that the new number plates will feature a GPS system, transforming them into an essential component of the vehicle. This innovative step will enhance the efficiency of toll collection and streamline the overall process, benefitting both individuals and the nation.

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