Flight cancellations continues: This airline extends flight cancellations until May 28, raising passenger concerns.

Go First, which is currently facing a severe financial crisis, has decided to cancel its flights until May 28, 2023. Initially, the airline had announced the suspension of flight operations until May 26 due to operational reasons. However, there was hope expressed by the airline that bookings would resume soon.

It is important to note that GoFirst has been facing voluntary bankruptcy proceedings, leading to the closure of its flights since May 3. In its bankruptcy petition, the airline cited significant financial difficulties. As a consequence of this petition, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show cause notice to the airline, inquiring why its license should not be revoked due to its failure to operate flights. Furthermore, Go First was instructed to immediately cease selling air tickets until further notice.

DGCA asked GoFirst to submit revival plan within 30 days

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is the aviation regulator, has given GoFirst a deadline of 30 days to submit its revival plan. In addition, the DGCA has requested the airline to provide details about operational aircraft, pilots, employees, maintenance, and financial resources, among other important information. This directive from the DGCA comes after receiving a response from the airline regarding a show cause notice issued to them on May 8.

GoFirst operates flights to 35 destinations

GoFirst, which belongs to the Wadia Group and is a budget airline, began its operations with the first flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in November 2005. Currently, the airline has a fleet of 59 aircraft and serves a total of 35 destinations, including 27 domestic and 8 international locations.

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