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HDFC Bank Latest News: HDFC Bank Introduces 2 Special FDs with High Interest Rates for Customers

Exciting News from HDFC Bank: Higher Interest Rates on 2 Fixed Deposit Schemes

HDFC Bank has recently announced an attractive proposition for its customers with regards to Fixed Deposits (FDs). The bank is offering higher interest rates on two specific FD schemes, as disclosed on its official website. It’s important to note that these special interest rates are applicable for a limited period of time. These enhanced interest rates are exclusively available for the FD schemes offered during these specific durations.

Introducing 2 Special Fixed Deposit Schemes

HDFC Bank has recently launched two exclusive Fixed Deposit (FD) schemes, as mentioned on the HDFC Bank website. These special FDs offer an interest rate of 7.20% for a 35-month deposit and 7.25% for a 55-month deposit. Additionally, senior citizens are eligible for an extra 0.50% interest on both these FDs. This means senior citizens can avail an interest rate of 7.70% for a 35-month FD and 7.75% for a 55-month FD. It is advisable for customers interested in this scheme to invest at the earliest to take advantage of these lucrative interest rates.

The interest rates on FDs were changed by the bank on May 29.

Noteworthy changes were made to the FD interest rates by HDFC Bank on May 29, 2023. Customers are now receiving a 3% interest rate for FDs ranging from 7 to 29 days. For FDs of 30 to 45 days, the interest rate is 3.50%. Furthermore, customers can enjoy a 4.50% interest rate for FDs ranging from 46 days to less than six months.

Senior citizens will receive an additional interest of 0.50% on these rates. Here are the details:

  • For a period of 7 to 29 days: 3.00%
  • For a period of 30 to 45 days: 3.50%
  • For a tenure of 36 to 89 days: 4.50%
  • For a tenure from 36 days to 6 months: 4.50%
  • From 6 months 1 day to 9 months: 5.75%
  • From 9 months 1 day to 1 year: 6.00%
  • From 1 year 1 day to 15 months: 6.60%
  • From 15 months 1 day to 18 months: 7.10%
  • From 18 months to 2 years to 11 months: 7.00%

Special FD offer by HDFC Bank

  • From 2 years 11 months to 36 months – 7.20%
  • 7.25% on Special FD with a tenure of 4 years 7 months

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