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High FD Interest Rates: This Bank Offering Up to 9.11% Interest on Fixed Deposits, Enjoy Benefits on Deposits of ₹ 5,000

FD Interest Rates: Good news for those looking to invest in Fixed Deposit! Both government and private banks are raising their interest rates on FDs.

In the latest update, Fincare Small Finance Bank has increased its FD interest rates for both senior citizens and other customers. According to a recent statement by the bank, regular customers can now earn up to 8.51% interest on their FDs, while senior citizens can enjoy up to 9.11% interest. However, a minimum deposit of Rs. 5000 is required to avail these rates. These revised rates have been effective since May 25, 2023.

Special Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can now enjoy an attractive interest rate of 9.11 percent on a 1000-day Fixed Deposit (FD) at Fincare Bank. This is the highest interest rate offered by the bank across various FD durations. For regular citizens, the interest rate for a 1000-day FD stands at 8.51 percent.

Fixed Deposit Rates at Fincare Small Finance Bank

Fincare Small Finance Bank is offering a competitive interest rate of 8.6 percent for senior citizens and 8 percent for others on FDs ranging from 59 days to 66 months. On FDs ranging from 66 months 1 day to 84 months, senior citizens will receive a return of 7.6 percent, while others will receive up to 7 percent. Furthermore, the bank provides senior citizens with an impressive interest rate of 8.85 percent on deposits ranging from 36 months 1 day to 42 months, whereas regular citizens will receive an interest rate of 8.25 percent on FDs of the same duration.


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