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Indian Railways: Railway Minister’s Big Update for Intercity Passengers

IRCTC: If you are a frequent traveler on Shatabdi or Intercity Express trains, then this news is definitely worth your attention. The Indian Railways is dedicated to ensuring the utmost convenience for passengers, and they have recently introduced a remarkable initiative.

The primary objective of the railways is to enable passengers to cover long distances in the shortest possible time. To achieve this goal, the Railways has been operating Vande Bharat trains consistently. These trains offer a significantly reduced travel time compared to regular trains, allowing passengers to reach their destinations faster and with utmost ease.

Vande Bharat Train to Start from Delhi to Dehradun

Exciting news awaits all travelers! The Indian Railways is making remarkable efforts to enhance passenger convenience, and this development will surely bring smiles to many faces. The aim is to replace three trains, namely Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and Intercity, with the Vande Bharat Train a semi-high-speed train. By opting for the Vande Bharat train instead of the other three, passengers can experience an even more delightful journey.

Thanks to the announcement made by PM Modi, the Railways has swiftly initiated their plans. Their goal is to connect 75 cities across the country with the Vande Bharat train before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. And now, the new Vande Bharat train will commence its operation from Delhi to Dehradun.

Extensive trials of the new Vande Bharat train have already been conducted on multiple routes. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had previously mentioned the Railways’ plan to replace Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and Intercity trains with Vande Bharat trains in the near future. As part of this transition, 27 routes have been carefully selected. In the first phase, Vande Bharat trains will operate on 27 routes, including Delhi-Lucknow, Delhi-Amritsar, and Puri-Howrah.


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