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June is the Last Deadline: From PAN card to bank locker, their last date ending in June, find details here.

Last Chance in June: Only 4 days remaining until the arrival of June, and there are several crucial tasks that must be completed before the end of the month, specifically on the 30th of June.

Various tasks, such as linking your PAN card to DigiLocker, have deadlines that fall after June 30th. It is advisable to finish these tasks before the deadline to avoid any future complications and penalty charges that may be imposed after June 30th.

If you haven’t linked your PAN card with your Aadhaar card yet, it’s important to complete the PAN-Aadhaar linking process before June 30th. Failing to do so within the specified time limit will result in a fee of Rs 1000 to link PAN-Aadhaar after June 30th.

For individuals who haven’t updated their Aadhaar information in the past 10 years, there is an opportunity to update it for free until June 14th. Online updates can be done without any charges, whereas visiting an Aadhaar center for updates will require a payment of Rs 50.

Bank Locker Agreement

For those utilizing bank locker agreements, it is crucial to complete the necessary procedures before the deadline of June 30th. The government has mandated this cutoff date, and it is important for customers to settle their bank locker agreements before then to avoid any future issues.

Indian Bank Special FD

If you are considering making an investment, take note of Indian Bank’s special fixed deposit scheme called “Ind Super 400 Days.” You have until June 30th to invest in this scheme. After this date, you will no longer be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Existing investors need not worry as their funds, along with interest, will be returned upon maturity. However, new customers will not be able to invest in this scheme after June 30th.

Application for Higher Pension

If you are currently employed and wish to apply for a higher pension, make sure to complete the application process by June 26th. This is the final date for submitting applications. Applying before the deadline will ensure that you can benefit from the increased pension amount. Missing this date will result in the inability to apply for a higher pension in the future.

SBI Amrit Kalash Special FD

Investors interested in the FD scheme known as SBI’s Amrit Kalash Special FD should consider investing before June 30th to enjoy good returns. After this date, new customers will no longer have the opportunity to invest in this FD scheme. Remember, the chance to invest in this scheme ends on June 30th.


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