New Driving License Rules: No Test Required, No Multiple Visits to RTO Office for License Renewal

The Ministry of Road and Transport has introduced revised regulations for obtaining a driving license. These updated rules came into effect on 1st July 2022. A significant change in the process is that individuals will no longer have to endure long queues at the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) to apply for a driving license.

In a welcome move for the public, the government has made obtaining a driving license easier by eliminating the requirement for a driving test. The Ministry of Road and Transport has revamped the rules for license issuance, streamlining the process for the convenience of applicants.

From now on, individuals seeking a driving license for two-wheelers or four-wheelers will no longer have to visit the RTO. Instead, they can approach a recognized Driver Training Center sanctioned by the State Transport Authority or the Central Government. These authorized centers have been granted the authority to conduct driving tests and issue driving licenses, simplifying the entire procedure for applicants.

Simplified Process for Obtaining a Driving License

To acquire a driving license, individuals will need to register themselves at an authorized driver training center and successfully pass the test administered by the center. Upon clearing the test, the center will issue a training certificate. With this certificate in hand, the applicant can then apply for a driving license without undergoing any additional tests at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

It’s important to note that these specialized training centers are equipped with simulators and have dedicated driving test tracks. They offer training for both light motor vehicles (LMV) and medium to heavy vehicles (HMV). The duration of LMV training is 29 hours, which must be completed within four weeks.

Just like Aadhaar,Address of DL Can Be Change Sitting At Home

Previously, changing the address on a driving license required submitting an application at the Regional Transport Office (RTO), which could be a time-consuming process. However, there is now a simpler method available. The Government of India’s mParivahan app can be used to change the address on the driving license from the comfort of one’s home. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the address change process seamlessly.

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