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New Parliament Coin Launch: PM Modi Unveils ₹75 Special Coin and Postage Stamp, Check Details Now

New Parliament Coin Launch: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially inaugurated the new Parliament building today, marking a significant milestone for the nation. On this momentous occasion, PM Modi unveiled a special ₹75 coin and also launched a commemorative postage stamp. The unveiling ceremony took place in the Lok Sabha Chamber of the new Parliament House, as part of the second phase of the inauguration program.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, operating under the Ministry of Finance, has issued a gazette notification announcing the release of the special ₹75 coin. The coin’s weight is specified to be between 34.65 to 35.35 grams.

Significance of the ₹75 Special Coin

The special ₹75 coin launched by PM Modi today holds significant features. One side of the coin showcases Ashoka’s lotus symbol, with ‘Bharat’ inscribed in Devanagari script and ‘India’ in Roman script.

The coin displays the inscription ‘₹75’ beneath Ashoka’s statue. On the other side of the coin, the intricate engraving of the Parliament House complex is visible. Below the image, ‘2023’ is inscribed, denoting the year. This coin is unique as it is made with 50 percent silver and 40 percent copper, along with 5 percent zinc and 5 percent nickel.

‘Parliament Complex’ Depicted on Postage Stamp

In addition to the coin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also unveiled a commemorative postage stamp on this occasion. The stamp portrays the ‘Parliament Complex’, featuring both the new and old Parliament House in the backdrop.


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