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Railway Train Ticket Concession Update: These People Will Get Discounts on Railway Train Ticket. Check Rule Here

Indian Railway Train Ticket Concession Update: Here’s some great news for train travelers! If you frequently travel by train, you will now be eligible for fare discounts.

The Indian Railways had previously provided fare concessions to senior citizens, but it had been discontinued for a while. However, there has been a strong demand for its reinstatement. Now, the Indian Railways has announced that many individuals will once again be able to enjoy fare concessions during train journeys.

Discounts on Train Fare for Various Groups

We are pleased to inform you that not only individuals with disabilities and patients but also students are eligible for fare concessions. Previously, senior citizens were also able to avail fare discounts; however, due to the pandemic, this concession has been temporarily suspended. There is currently a demand in Parliament to reinstate this benefit.

People Who Get Concession in Fare.:

  • Farmers, individuals with disabilities (Divyangs), students, wives of martyrs, and award recipients receive concessionary fares on train journeys.
  • Additionally, students and patients can enjoy various types of discounts while traveling by train.

As per the Railways, the concession for senior citizens’ fares has currently been suspended but there is a possibility of resuming it in the future.

Student Discount on Train Travel

Good news for students! The Indian Railways provides special concessions for students to make their travel more affordable. Here are the details:

  • Free Travel for Girls: Girls can travel free of cost in the second class from MST (Monthly Season Ticket) until they graduate.
  • Free Travel for Boys: Boys can travel for free in the second class from MST until they complete their 12th grade. This also includes children studying in madrassas.
  • 50% Discount for General Category Students: Students in the general category can avail a 50% discount on second class and sleeper class fares.

It is worth noting that before March 2020, the Railways used to provide a 50% discount on fares for women and a 40% discount for men in all classes for senior citizens. The minimum age for women to be eligible for this discount was 58, while for men it was 60. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, all concessions for senior citizens have been temporarily suspended.


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