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RBI Cash Deposit Rule: Bank Account Closure if Deposited Amount Exceeds Rs 30,000, Says RBI Governor

RBI Cash Deposit Rule: Viral Message Claims Bank Account Closure for Deposits Exceeding Rs 30,000, but RBI Clarifies It’s Fake

A viral message has been circulating recently, stating that if you deposit more than Rs 30,000 in your bank account, your account will be closed. The message attributes this announcement to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, the RBI has addressed the truth behind these claims.

PIB Fact Check has provided information debunking the viral message. According to PIB, there is no truth to the claim that bank accounts will be closed if deposits exceed Rs 30,000. The Governor of RBI has not made any such announcement. The viral message is entirely false.

PIB’s Tweet

PIB shared this information on Twitter along with an attached image claiming that accounts would be closed for exceeding the specified deposit limit. However, PIB clarified on Twitter that neither the Reserve Bank nor the Governor has made such a decision.

Beware of fake messages

The Reserve Bank consistently advises individuals to be cautious of fake messages. It is crucial not to share any personal information with others to avoid falling into potential scams or frauds. Additionally, the Reserve Bank urges people not to forward fake messages to others.

Fact-checking for any message

If you come across any message that you suspect may be fake, you have the option to fact-check it. If you wish to verify the authenticity of a viral message, you can send a message to 918799711259 or email [email protected] for fact-checking purposes.


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