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This card is extremely helpful for senior citizens, discover the advantages it offers

The Indian government has implemented several initiatives to support the well-being of senior citizens in the country.

Recognizing the challenges faced by a significant number of elderly individuals on a daily basis, the government has introduced special cards known as Senior Citizen ID Cards. These cards are exclusively designed for individuals aged 60 years and above, providing them with various benefits and privileges.

About the Card

This card serves as an identity card providing important details of the cardholder. It offers a range of facilities specifically designed for senior citizens. Through this card, elderly individuals can access benefits from various government schemes as well as private initiatives. The card includes essential information such as blood group, emergency contact number, allergies, and other medical details of the senior citizen. Let’s delve into the complete process of obtaining this card.

How is this card made

The senior citizens’ cards are issued by respective state governments. To apply for the card, individuals need to visit the official website of their state government. The online application must be accompanied by required documents for verification purposes.

Age proof documents are necessary, such as a passport, PAN card, or school certificate. Additionally, documents for residence proof are required, which may include a valid ration card, passport, election card, electricity bill, or phone bill in the applicant’s name. Medical information papers containing blood reports, medication details, and allergy reports must also be submitted.

Application Process

To apply for the ID card, senior citizens need to visit the state government’s website. The application form is available online on the respective website. For instance, if you reside in Delhi and wish to obtain a Senior Citizen ID card, you can visit After registering and submitting the application form, along with two photographs, address proof, and age certificate, you can proceed with the registration process. Once you have submitted all the required documents and completed the registration process, your application will be verified, and upon approval, you will receive the Senior Citizen ID card.

Benefits of the Card

The card offers several advantages to senior citizens. Dedicated ticket counters are available at train stations, enabling them to obtain tickets conveniently. Moreover, senior citizens enjoy lower income tax rates compared to others. In certain cases, they may be exempted from filing tax returns. They also receive higher interest rates on fixed deposits (FD) compared to regular customers. Furthermore, government hospitals provide free or subsidized medical treatment for cardholders.


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