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Vande Bharat: New timetable of Vande Bharat Express announced, it will now stop at these stations too

Vande Bharat Express: The updated timetable for the Vande Bharat Express train has been officially announced. It has been confirmed that the train will now make stops at Saharanpur and Muzaffarnagar as well.

On Tuesday, a trial run of the train took place. The Meerut Railway Board unveiled the timetable for the Vande Bharat train, which operates between Anand Vihar Terminal and Dehradun. Initially, it was stated that the train would not stop at Ghaziabad and Muzaffarnagar stations. However, a new schedule has now been issued.

Additionally, there have been some changes to the train’s operations. It will now operate six days a week and will be non-operational on Wednesdays.

The decision to include Saharanpur station as a stoppage point has sparked speculation. According to railway officials, the train will halt for approximately 10-15 minutes at Saharanpur station to facilitate an engine change.

train timings that are announced earlier

Train evening time

station arrival departure
Anand Vihar 00 5.50
Meerut City 6.43 6.45
Tapri 8.04 8.06
Haridwar 9.16 9.21
Dehradun at 10.16 pm 00

Morning train time

station arrival departure
Dehradun 00 7.00
Haridwar 8.04 8.08
Tapri 9.27 9.29
Meerut City 10.32 10.34
Anand Vihar 11.30 AM 00

Vande Bharat Express Won’t Impact Shatabdi Express

To ensure minimal disruption to the Shatabdi Express, the Railway Board has scheduled the Vande Bharat train to operate from Anand Vihar Terminal in the evening and from Dehradun in the morning.

Excitement as People Saw the Train at City Station Today Morning

Rimpi Garg, the Delhi Railway Division’s DRM, shared that the Vande Bharat train embarked on its trial run at 5:30 am on Tuesday, departing from Anand Vihar. It made a stop at Meerut City station around 6:15 am, drawing a crowd of enthusiastic spectators eager to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Vande Bharat.

A Luxurious Journey with Modern Amenities

The eight-coach Vande Bharat train is fully air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Passengers will be entertained throughout their journey with a large onboard TV screen. They will also be informed about the locations the train passes through.

Public Stops and Return Schedule

The train will make stops at Roorkee and Saharanpur stations to give the public an opportunity to admire it. In the evening, it will depart from Dehradun back to Delhi at 2 pm. Only one coach will be open for public viewing.

Cultural Programs at the Station on 25th

The city station is preparing to welcome the Vande Bharat train with a grand reception. A platform will be set up near the GRP and RPF police stations for cultural performances by college students.

Updated Timetable and its Stops

According to the recently issued timetable by the Railway Board, the Vande Bharat train will now halt at Ghaziabad and Muzaffarnagar as well. At Meerut City station, the stoppage time is only two minutes, except for today and May 25th when it will be extended to five minutes.


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