Weather Alert: IMD Issues Heatwave Warning and Heavy Rain Alert in These 3 Districts Today

Changing weather patterns bring relief from the scorching heat as rain activities intensify in Bihar. This has led to fluctuations in the maximum temperature, with variations of eight to 12 degrees observed in certain districts.

Just two days ago, people were experiencing the sweltering heat, seeking solace from the fan’s breeze. Meteorologists predict that this weather pattern may persist in several districts for another day or two. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning for heavy rain in three districts on Thursday. On Wednesday, Aurangabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 39 degrees.

The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert, indicating the possibility of thunderstorms, lightning, and winds reaching speeds of 30 to 40 km per hour in certain locations in South Bihar. Additionally, there is a warning of heavy rain in Purnia, Kishanganj, and Katihar on Thursday, with the likelihood of intense downpours at one or two places within these districts. However, as of May 27, the current conditions and forecasts do not indicate any alerts for the state.

Weather forecast on Heatwave

The weather in Bihar has been experiencing fluctuations in temperature due to the presence of rain and thunderstorm activities. As a result, the possibility of a continuing heatwave is low. According to the Meteorological Department, there are no heatwave alerts for the state in the next 3-4 days. However, with the rising temperatures, people may still experience sweating in many areas.

Even on Wednesday, several districts, including Patna, had partly cloudy skies. The morning weather was pleasant with a cool breeze, but as the afternoon approached, humidity and heat became troublesome for people. The moisture in the atmosphere led to sweating and discomfort.

On May 21, Patna recorded a maximum temperature of 42 degrees, which dropped to 30.5 degrees on May 23. However, on Wednesday, the temperature rose again, reaching a maximum of 37.1 degrees, making the day feel warm.

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