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Weather Update for Delhi! IMD Issues Alert for Cloudy and Rainy Conditions in Select Areas from May 24 for 4 Days

The scorching heat has intensified in the capital city of Delhi, with temperatures soaring above 45 degrees Celsius in certain areas on Sunday.

Najafgarh experienced the highest temperature, reaching 46.3 degrees Celsius, while Ghaziabad recorded 41 degrees Celsius and Noida recorded 43 degrees Celsius. The sweltering conditions have caused immense discomfort for the residents.

However, there is some respite in sight. The Meteorological Department has forecasted light rain and cloudy weather for a duration of three to four days, starting from May 24. This brings hope for relief from the relentless heatwave.

The Meteorological Department predicts a partially cloudy sky and isolated severe heatwave conditions on Monday. Additionally, strong surface winds with speeds of 25-35 kmph are expected during the day.

For today, the maximum temperature is anticipated to be around 43 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature may reach 26 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 23.2 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 40.4 degrees Celsius.

As the rainy weather approaches, it is anticipated that the rainfall will provide much-needed relief to the residents of Delhi, easing the blistering heat temporarily.

Intense Heatwave Grips Najafgarh and Narela

The mercury soared to alarming levels in several areas according to the Meteorological Department. Najafgarh recorded a scorching 46.3 degrees Celsius, while Narela and Pitampura observed temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius. Ayanagar and the ‘Ridge’ areas experienced 44 degrees Celsius, while Palam recorded 43.8 degrees Celsius. The Safdarjung observatory, known for temperature records, reached a maximum of 42.9 degrees Celsius, which is three notches above the seasonal average.

The blistering sun and rising temperatures resulted in minimal traffic on the roads, with an unusual silence prevailing in places that are typically crowded. Residents found the heat unbearable, with Varsha Pillai, a resident of Lajpat Nagar, opting not to venture out to the market due to the scorching conditions. The extreme heat has even made air conditioning less effective in providing relief.

However, there is some hope on the horizon. Meteorological officials mentioned the arrival of a fresh western disturbance that could bring relief from the intense heat starting from May 24. The forecast includes expectations of light rain and cloudy weather for a duration of three to four days.

During the night, the temperature dropped to 24 degrees Celsius, which is three notches below the normal range. The relative humidity levels on Sunday varied between 25 percent and 74 percent.


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