Airports in DMIC Region Centre for Urban Research
DMIC States have 37 airports of various categories, as per the categorization defined by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), which includes four international airports, four customs airports, three model airports and twenty-six other domestic airports and civil enclaves.

As per the definitions of MoCA, International Airports are those airports with scheduled international operations by Indian & Foreign carriers. Customs Airports are those airports that have customs and immigration facilities for limited international operations by national carriers and for foreign tourist and cargo charter flights. Model Airports have minimum runway length of 7500 feet and adequate terminal capacity (400 passengers or more) to handle Airbus 320 type of aircraft and these airports are capable of catering to limited international traffic, if required. All other airports are classified as ‘Other Domestic Airports’ whereas Civil Enclaves are airports located in defence airfields.

There exist 14 airports within the influence area of DMIC which includes four international airports, two model airports and other domestic airports (or) civil enclaves. Delhi and Mumbai Airports are capable of handling B-747 aircraft, these airports are being upgraded on public private partnership format to enhance the handling capacity. In 2001, MoCA has declared Ahmedabad and Jaipur as international airports and thereafter-extensive augmentation measures being taken up to increase the length of runway to cater to B-747 aircrafts. MoCA has allocated about INR 50 Crore for upgradation of Jaipur Airport to international standards. In Madhya Pradesh, the Indore Airport has tremendous potential to develop as International Airport. MoCA has also prioritized upgradation

of Udaipur Airport and has allocated INR 113 Crore. Government of Gujarat has also undertaken aviation master plan for the state of Gujarat which prioritizes development of Ahmedabad Airport to international standards as well as upgradation of Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar and Bhuj Airports. In Uttar Pradesh, State Government has finalized detailed feasibility study for developing Multi-Modal Aviation Hub near Greater NOIDA along the proposed Taj Expressway to cater to international passenger and cargo traffic. However, further to the discussions with Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, the state government revises its plans and proposes to develop an Airport catering to domestic and international passengers. More importantly, the Government of Uttar Pradesh is looking forward to develop the Greater Noida Airport through its funding sources.