The vision for DMIC is to create strong economic base with globally competitive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to activate local commerce, enhance foreign investments and attain sustainable development. Stable regulations, well-developed communications, efficient transportation systems and the pro-business environment are some of the essential requirements to be fulfilled to accomplish the huge potential for growth and development.

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is to be conceived as a Model industrial Corridor of international standards with emphasis on expanding the manufacturing and services base and develop DMIC as the 'Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub', infusing worldwide technological advancements to the grass route level of local production sources and upgrade human skills of influencing region and the country.

The underlying philosophy for DMIC is to establish a competitive economy, enhance regional/ urban-rural connectivity, integrate inherent strengths of existing resources, upgrade human skills, attain technological advancements, enhance local trade and commerce base of the country and ensure attractive investment climate by offering not only the incentives which are inherent in the central and respective state government's investment promotion policies, but also create physical and social infrastructure facilities of international standards.