Review of Road Network Development Program Centre for Urban Research
Observation of road network scenario indicates that DMIC states constitute about 34% of total road network of the country. Delhi has the highest density of road network (i.e.1739km per 100 sqkm of area) compared to the national average length of 75km. With respect to the length of surfaced roads, DMIC states constitute 45% of total length of surfaced road network in the country.

It is observed that Rajasthan has the lowest density of road network (39km) and lowest share of surfaced road network (62%) compared to the national average (75%). It indicates the extent of transport infrastructure augmentation requirements in Rajasthan.

DMIC states constitute 41% of total length of National Highway network in the country, which also includes 213km length of expressway between Delhi-Haryana and Ahmedabad-Vadodara on NH-8 and Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Maharashtra. Further, the length of National Highway network under Project Influence Area of DMIC is estimated at 6,012km, constituting 9% of total National Highway length of the country.