State-level Coordination Entity/ Nodal Agency Centre for Urban Research

State-level Coordination Entity/ Nodal Agency

State governments have the lead role in setting up of various Investment Regions/ Industrial areas in the DMIC. Each State Government will notify a nodal agency, which could be a new entity for the purpose or designate existing agencies or corporations. The nodal agency will coordinate with DMICDC in implementation of investment regions/ industrial areas. It is important to note that the implementation of each project in the investment region/ industrial area will be, either through project specific SPCs or through
internal resources, at the prerogative of respective state government entities. The role of the state level coordination entity/ nodal agency is as follows:
. Facilitate all clearances required from the State Government
. Acquiring/ assisting in acquiring the land necessary for setting up of the infrastructure, processing and non-processing areas. The acquisition of land if any must be in accordance with law and must provide for rehabilitation as per the laid down norms. As far as possible acquisition of agricultural land may be avoided.
. Ensuring the availability of world-class physical and social infrastructure, utilities and linkages under its jurisdiction within a stipulated time frame. It includes:
- Power connectivity and availability of reliable and good quality power. The units may also seek open access as per the regulations of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission;
- Provision of bulk requirements of water;
- Road connectivity (State roads);
- Sewerage and effluent treatment linkages;
- Appropriate infrastructure to address the health, safety and environmental concerns.
. Arrange requisite funding for development of infrastructure, through budgetary resources, by availing existing schemes of Government of India as VGF and IIFCL etc or through loans from multilateral agencies.
. May notify additional package of incentives for attracting investors and successful development of Investment Regions/Industrial areas under the DMIC.