Sector wise Investment Potential in Gujarat Centre for Urban Research
Gujarat has been one of the most active states in India in terms of investment. It is the combined positive participation by Gujarat Government through supportive policies and incentives as well as entrepreneurs and corporates in terms of efforts and passion for work that has made Gujarat one of the most business friendly and lucrative states in the country.

Government of Gujarat has announced that during the 'Vibrant Gujarat' summit in January, 2007 that the state has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with renowned corporates in various industrial sectors worth INR 2, 84,451Crore offering employment to 6,93,747 people. Sector wise details of investment and employment are indicated in the following table whereas details of MOU signed in each sector are enclosed in the annexure on proposed industrial investment.

Potential locations for sector-wise Industrial Parks
There has been a realization of the growing need to establish sector specific parks as opposed to general-purpose parks, specialized parks focus on particular industry sectors (e.g. Software, leather, auto ancillaries) and markets (e.g. exports). Specialized sector focused parks can impart important cost savings to user industries through the sharing of costs on common facilities, and their share is expected to increase in India.

In the case of sector specific parks, the nature of the facilities that would necessarily need to be created could be specified. Given the number of types of sector specific parks that are possible, it might be difficult to specify the assets and the minimum common facilities required to be created with respect to each sector, without seriously reducing the freedom to the private developer in scoping the project.

Instead a list of general common facilities can be specified. With this perspective, the potential locations for industrial parks have been identified, as detailed below, by taking into account the suitability of different regions in terms of raw materials, markets, suitable labour for the sector.