Road Development Plan for Madhya Pradesh Centre for Urban Research
The State Government has accorded high priority to improve the road infrastructure in the state and has been successful in attracting the private sector participation in the development of Highways. The state government has also initiated upgradation and rehabilitation of 1750km of state roads under the Madhya Pradesh State Road Sector Development Programme, funded by Asian Development Bank.

Inorder to promote involvement of the private sector in construction and maintenance of roads, the Government has decided to offer following projects on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis:

(i) By passes
(ii) Bridges
(iii) Railway Over Bridges
(iv) Widening of existing roads
(v) Ring Roads near big cities.
(vi) Improvement/ maintenance of existing roads etc.
Besides, the State Government is also focusing on the development of the National Highways that run through the State to promote the participation of private investors. These works include the following:
. Rehabilitation of the roads
. Maintenance
. Construction of new patches
Salient Features of Madhya Pradesh BOT Scheme
. Foreign investments in the development of selected stretches of State Highways to maintain and operate them generally for a period up to 30 years (concession period) after opening the facility for traffic and the entrepreneur is permitted to collect and retain toll as approved by the Government

. Private entrepreneurs will design, construct, maintain and operate the facility from their own resources or funds borrowed from financial institutions, banks, open market etc.

. To ensure free flow of traffic, the normal checks by the authorities will be conducted at entry and exit points only. The traffic on such facilities will be normally regulated by the entrepreneur.

. Basic facilities for the traffic en route, provision for developing and operating highway related facilities such as restaurants, motels, fuel stations, rest/parking areas, shopping malls, transport nagars and other related facilities could be made. The income from such facilities will also enhance the viability of the project

Envisaged Specific Incentives for Road Sector
. The State Government will identify priority projects, and allow the private sector to design, construct and operate the toll roads. The choice of entry/ exit points may be mutually agreed between the Government and the entrepreneur.
. The land for highway development will be acquired by the Government and given to the entrepreneurs on certain terms and conditions for the land.
. Tax holiday for five years for road infrastructure development project as per the policy decision of Central Govt.
. The entrepreneurs will enjoy full freedom in carrying out the assigned project. However, they will have comply with certain standards, safety of structures, specifications, satisfactory operations and management as laid by the Government.
The State Government has already completed the work on a total of 2977.25 km length of roads with the total cost of USD 361.22 bn.