Uttar Pradesh is the second biggest state economy in the country, with a share of more than 10% in aggregate domestic product. The Net State Domestic product in 2006-07 was 1, 89,598 crore. It is also the fourth largest state in the country with an area of close to 2.5 lakh sq. kms.

The state is witnessing a shift in from agricultural sector to non-agricultural economy. The organized industrial sector in the state has been traditionally confined to agro-based industries such as sugar, cotton textiles, edible oils, paper etc. However, of late, the IT, Biotech, electricity generation, rail road equipment, electrical machinery, and industrial chemicals have been progressing well.

Services sector is the major contributor to the state GDP followed by Agriculture.

The services sector is the key emerging sector Uttar Pradesh. Several Multi-National Companies have facilities in Noida and Greater Noida industrial area. The state has as a hub for IT companies and ranks fourth in terms of software exports.

The state has been experiencing growth in the services and manufacturing sector but agriculture has traditionally been the mainstay of the state. It is the largest producer of food grains and oilseeds in the country. It is also the leading producer of wheat, barley, gram, sugarcane and potatoes in the country.