Road Development Plan for Gujarat Centre for Urban Research
As per the Road Policy of Government of Gujarat, the thrust areas for road development in the state include:
. Imparting connectivity to all villages by all weather roads thereby improving quality of life in rural areas.
. Developing adequate and efficient road system encompassing all transportation needs to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods and passenger traffic.
. Upgrading constantly the technology by inducting superior and quicker construction and maintenance methods.
. Inducting more scientific principles of resource allocation for maintenance and new construction programmes.
Government of Gujarat, through the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act-1999 and Amendment (2006) Act, has enacted BOT law for providing a framework for private sector participation in financing, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects in the State. This law is based upon clear-cut enunciation of the project cycle required for timely and effective completion of infrastructure projects.

Road development plan for Gujarat involves upgradation of existing road network by widening and strengthening, constructing missing links, regional imbalances in connectivity, improving road geometrics and providing new links particularly in areas of industrial concentration, agriculture growth and dairy products. In order to ensure private sector participation, Government of Gujarat is considering provision of enabling legislation, carrying out transparent and competitive bidding mechanism and appropriate combination of incentives for attracting investment.

In relevance to Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Government of Gujarat has identified about 82 links in that need to be upgraded to two-lane/ four-lane carriageway. These road links include connectivity to hinterlands, markets, industrial estates, agricultural production points and major and minor ports. It is estimated that an overall investment of INR 2100 Crore would be required by 2010. The details of identified links are enclosed in the annexure.